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Showcasing of design portfolios and projects:

Design Records provides a platform on which every type of designer or design company can create a profile and post their projects. The primary advantage for creating a portfolio on Design Records is to showcase your projects to the design community as well as interact with other designers by visiting their portfolios. Your profile will also be easily found by anyone who may be searching for local design services or simply to connect with a fellow designer....Read More

Design Jobs Search Portal:

Design Records offers a variety of tools for job searching as well as finding the right candidate for a job opening. Our users can profit from doing a simple job search by keyword, country or city. Our registered users have the advantage of being able to post a job (if you have a company looking for new employees) or to apply for internally posted jobs.

Design News and Design Article Publishing:

One of many free services that Design Records offers is the publishing of news articles on our News page. Our News page is quite popular and shared by many social media users as well as on our own social media. This makes your article visible by a large community of designers and design admirers. It is quite simple to submit your article or project on our news page by following some simple steps. We accept articles from our users and from our guests but priority is given to users as we only publish few articles each week. The most creative and descriptive articles will always have a better chance of being selected. ...See Less

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