Terms of Use & Privacy

Terms and Conditions of Use

All services and communication tools provided by Design Records are subject to terms and conditions stated below.

Design Records reserves the right to cancel and delete any user account at any time if it deems necessary.


  1. By signing up and completing the registration the user agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions provided on the www.designrecords.com website.
  2. Design Records will notify all its users of any updates affecting the Terms and Conditions of Use. It is your responsibility as a user to stay informed about these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Our users have access to several services and not limited to:
    – Content Generated by Web Administrators: Website description and rules, FAQ Page
    (Frequently Asked Questions), Articles.
    – Communication Tools: email
    – Content Generated by Registered Users: a database of user profiles, user projects and events all searchable by category and location.
  4. The user is solely responsible for any data including but not limited to: text, images, graphics, photographs, video, audio posted or distributed by the user. The same applies to email messages or any data exchange through third party services or through any other Design Records communication tools.
  5. By signing up (registering a user account) on Design Records the user confirms that she/he holds the rights to the material that is posted in their profile. Design Records is not liable for any copy rights infringements caused by the material posted by users but it will do everything it can to remove such material when it deems necessary.
  6. Material that is either, and not limited to: obscene, pornographic, violent, racist, vulgar, sexist, fraudulent, harassing, hateful, intimidating in nature is prohibited from being posted anywhere on www.designrecords.com website. Any reports of such material will result in automatic removal of material in question and account suspension of minimum 3 months. If in doubt the user should contact our support team through our contact form for proper assessment prior to posting.
  7. Any copyright issues/infringements shall be addressed to us via our contact form.
  8. Design Records is not responsible for user personal information (such as but not limited to: name, location, contact information) displayed in a user profile. It is up to user discretion what information she or he reveals on their profile.
  9. User information is subject to Design Records Privacy Policy. Full details can be found in the page below.
  10. Public or private events organized either by Design Records, its users or third parties are posted on www.designrecords.com for the sole function of informing all parties involved about the event details such as: location, time, fees and others. Design Records takes no responsibility for any legal damages an event may cause such as but not limited to: defamation, property damage, injuries or death.
  11. By registering to Design Records website the user automatically grants a limited license to her/his content. This allows Design Records to host or stream user content on www.designrecords.com and other affiliated sites in a professional manner, free of any royalties. Design Records does not take ownership of user content but as long as this content is published to the public (by the user) on our site we reserve the right to the above described license.
  12. Users are obliged and responsible to provide accurate, true information about themselves when registering on our site. If at any point in time our administration discovers and concludes that a user’s account information is either untrue, inaccurate, duplicate (of another account), out of date or incomplete, proper steps will be taken to freeze the account temporally or permanently.
  13. Users and visitors on our site have no right to gather and store information about other site members or their posted material for the purpose of sending junk bulk electronic mail. It is strictly prohibited to collect such information for reasons other than the purpose of www.designrecords.com site.
  14. Design Records takes no responsibility for the material submitted by the user and therefore is not legally liable for any copyright infringements, psychological or physical damages. Material submitted is not screened or revised although Design Records reserves the right to remove any material it deems necessary to protect its integrity in the design community. It is the user’s sole responsibility for the legality, accuracy, decency and copyrights of material they submit. The user should notify Design Records immediately if he/she notices any misuse of Design Records services.
  15. Design Records has no obligation to provide the users any of its services. This means Design Records services can be halted temporarily or permanently without any legal liability for the loss, suspension or modification to their account and any associated services.
  16. By registering to our website you agree not to peruse any legal claims against Design Records, its employees and affiliates for any reason what so ever. Design Records is not responsible for any damage done to you or any affiliated third party from the use of our site and its services. Any legal fees incurred due to misuse of our services such as but not limited to posting, publishing, e-mailing, transmission, distribution or duplication of material will be covered by the users in question. You have the obligation to defend Design Records in case of legal disputes due to your misuse of its services.




Privacy Policy

  1. Handling of your personal info by Design Records.
    Design Records will not share or sell personal information provided by the user to any third parties for marketing purposes without user consent. We will do our best to demonstrate to our users what information is public and what information is kept private while users register or manage their accounts. For details on this subject it is the user’s responsibility to read our FAQ page that clarifies how to manage user account settings.
  2. Communicating with other users and website guests.
    Design Records cannot be held accountable for providing any user information if this information is provided by the user her/him self in the form of a message sent to other parties thru Design Records messaging service or any other messaging service provider. Design Records strongly recommends users to manage their personal information through account settings page.
  3. Opt-in/Opt-Out for Emails received from Design Records.
    Design Records may send the user information by email to promote new services or products. We will also send a link providing the option for the user to opt-out from receiving future emails.
  4. Access to user’s computer.
    Design Records may use browser “cookies” which provide us with information such as: user login state (are you logged in or not), member status, user preferences access. Design Records will never access or retrieve any information unrelated to our website and services from the user’s computer.
  5. IP Address.
    The user IP address is logged while the user is visiting the Design Records website. This IP address provides us with information identifying your location, Service Provider and the URL from which you came to our site from.
  6. External links on the Design Records website.
    Design Records is not responsible for any content appearing on third party websites which the user visits by means of external links provided on Design Records website. It is the user responsibility to carefully read and review those sites’ privacy policies.
  7. Revision of Privacy Policy
    Design Records reserves the right to change this policy at any time. It is the user’s responsibility to review this policy to stay up to date.
  8. Security
    All user information and content is stored on secured private database servers.
  9. Business Transactions
    During business transactions such as acquisition by another company, merger, partial sale of assets, the users’ personal information will be part of these assets in most cases.
  10. Inquiries.
    If at any time the user has any questions about this policy or any other general inquiries regarding the Design Records website we strongly recommend contacting us through our contact form.


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