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Solonos parking garage renovation (Under construction)


Overall view of the reception area (under construction)
Reception area detail (under construction)
Client waiting area (under construction)
Client waiting area detail (under construction)
Elevator door detail (under construction)
Service staircase (under construction)
Service staircase (initial condition)
Interior parking area (initial condition)
Interior parking finishes (under construction)
Garage entry door from Solonos st. (under construction)
Project scale diagram (property noted in yellow)
Project Description

Ever imagined encountering a high-end, natural stone reception area at a garage infrastructure?

Located at the intersection of Solonos st. and Asklipiou st., behind the City of Athens Cultural Centre and at the heart of Athens’ centre, the project is about the overhaul of an existing 10.000 sqm parking garage. The overhaul is particularly focused on redesigning the groundfloor to include a new reception and coffee station. For the triangular reception we chose top-quality natural black marble and white terrazzo with elegant brass details; on the contrary, we specify white industrial finishes for the parking areas. The project also includes the redesign of the garage’s facades on Solonos, Asklipiou and Staikou streets.

This work is currently under construction and more information will follow.

Curent project team & credits
Supervision (architecturals): Oikonomakis Siampakoulis architects
Project & Construction management: KUBE Contractors
Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC & Fire Protection: Panos Lykouras
Permitting & Approvals consultant: Dora Apostolopoulou
-2021 (Ongoing)


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