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Rubika, one of the best re-imagined furniture
by Design Records Team
Rubika bookcase
Rubika, a distinctive furniture designed by Greek designer George Bosnas. The name sounds familiar for all the big fans of the famous Rubik’s Cube. The designer got inspired by this 80’s toy, and re-created the concept of a bookcase for Anesis - Handcrafted furniture from Thessaloniki, Greece. Designed and fabricated with a touch of modernism, Rubika breaks the…
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Go Green Solis – a multi function smart device
by Design Records Team
Go Green Solis
Go Green Solis uses 100% renewable energy in form of solar power to operate and is primarily designed for use in offices and homes. Mount the device on to a glass/window where visible sunlight is available and it is ready to go! It is embedded with small fractions of solar panels used to harness solar energy.…
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