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How to design a dynamic ceiling

Watch this video and discover how a dynamic ceiling looks like. Yes, it is possible to have a ceiling that moves naturally in the wind. Barbouni, a beautiful beach side restaurant on the shores of Mediterranean Sea is a perfect example how magic is achieved through talent and creativity.

Welcome to Costa Navarino Beach resort, in Messinia, Greece.

The Barbouni restaurant has something very special to impress guests. Over the table area, an inverted field of hanging fabric sheets forms the canopy that sways soothingly in the wind, allowing air to circulate and the space to stay cool. The animated ceiling resembles the waves on the beach. It offers a rhythm to the restaurant just like breathing. The combination of these purposely designed elements creates a multi-sensory architecture that sits in harmony with the environment. It provides a natural comfortable refuge from the elements and creates an exciting sociable atmosphere.

Designed by: K-Studio

Location: Pylos, Costa Navarino, Greece

All images courtesy of k-studio Images © yiorgos kordakis

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