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Welcome to Ars Thanea, an award-winning CGI Studio founded in 2007, home to talented people who make work that matters and breathe excellence. We are a friendly bunch. Why don't you step inside?
We are known for challenging the way stories are told. Our work often blends mixtures of ideas and craft wrapped around extremely engaging stories that deliver results. We are the stewards of a new way of thinking. A diverse team of creatives, thinkers and makers who share an obsession with consumer understanding, the power of ideas and its craft.

We are small enough to be nimble and big enough to deliver complex projects. We maintain an independent spirit while enjoying the scale of working within a network. We’re responsive, smart, feisty and promote a culture of accountability. But what's more important, we listen and work hard to discover the soul of a brand, because authenticity is more inspirational than anything we can create out of thin air.
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