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LinkedIn Top Voices 2018

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LinkedIn – Top Voices 2018

Project Description

Jointly with LinkedIn, the most renowned business and employment-oriented service in the world with 590 million registered members in 200 countries, we created a CG animation promoting the launch of the 4th annual LinkedIn Top Voices list.

For over 15 years, US-based LinkedIn has been doing a great job in connecting professionals and supporting business relations. By giving space to networking and sharing opinions, the company showed how powerful a conversation can be. That’s why the Top Voices list was created – to present the most influential ideas that boost others to contribute and encourage them to do great things. Want to have your name next to Richard Branson or Melinda Gates? Take the floor.

The goal was to show an impact that a single voice, shared on LinkedIn, can have. Our team created a CG animation basing on an idea of Rube Goldberg machine – a sophisticated mechanism which uses a chain reaction to accomplish a simple task in a bit more complicated manner.

We started with drawing the general concept of the ball’s trajectory and designing all interactions it triggers along the way: gliding, hitting, bouncing etc. Later on, to make it more fun, we played with rhythmicity and dynamics, switching the pace of the ball and reversing the directions, so it takes some unexpected twists and catches one’s eye till the very end.

Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
Director: Marcin Gibowski
Co-Directors: Adam Torczyński, Mikołaj Valencia
CG Supervisor: Mikołaj Valencia
Production Lead: Marta Król
Producer: Ania Pietrzak
Art Director: Marcin Gibowski, Adam Torczyński, Maciej Mizer
Animatic: Marcin Gibowski, Adam Torczyński
3D Artist: Mateusz Król, Peter Tarka
Animation: Jean Pierre Le Roux, Marcin Gibowski
Compositing Artist: Łukasz Stolarski
Edit: Adam Torczyński
Sound design: Halo Productions


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