Germán Javier Pallares Galindo

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About Me
I’m a Colombian Architect with highly creative skills, responsible and a very dedicated professional. I ensure certified experience as a designer and builder, with the capacity as an Architect to materialize and unify the client’s needs and dreams. I work from ranges of small projects all the way to international known entities.
I have had a wide trajectory of jobs and internships applied on many architectural fields. In my portfolio you will see experience with designs of houses, renewable energy and sustainable construction, urban planning, and 3D rendering between general Architectural and interior design. Thanks to this variety in opportunities I have developed specific skills and knowledge to be transferable for any upcoming work.
I’m very proficient with Archicad among other programs and I’ve had many designing jobs for apartment’s complex and houses, in which I was ask to design according to specific ideas. During these jobs I worked with the client’s needs and desires to provide whatever
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