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Green Bike


Green Bike

Green Bike final product

Green Bike exploded view

Green Bike exploded view

Green bike concept

Green Bike concept

Green Bike material sample

Green Bike material samples

Green Bike frame mould

Green Bike frame mold

Green Bike exposition

Green Bike exposition

Project Description

Mexico City could be the world’s largest mine for our future materials. On a daily basis many of its inhabitants drive up and down the highway to carry out their responsibilities. The subways are overcrowded and a few hours of traffic is normal. Access to affordable and good quality tools for transportation should be a basic human right.
Mexico City expands horizontally rather than upwards to the sky. This makes the city the biggest in width, owning the biggest suburbs worldwide. Public transportation is challenged in reaching all the outskirts of the metropolitan area, not to mention clean transportation such as the public bike transport.
The BTT project seeks to stimulate independent and clean transportation of people and goods. The bike is made out of recycled plastic waste and metal parts for the essential technical support. These materials can all be gathered out of the waste stream of Mexico City.
The bike is aimed to become the lowest production price possible and should also be locally produced. The production technique of heat pressing in different moulds can offer an effective/fast production process. The machinery needed for producing the bike are included in the OpenWiki page. In this page other people can contribute knowledge and experiences for improving the development of the bike. The page also includes models, parts lists and costs.
Since the bike has different metal and plastic parts which are mechanically connected, the bike is completely demountable. Weakened parts can be demounted and brought back to the local producer to be remolded into new parts. This system could work with discount returns for cheaper newer parts and creates an ongoing relation between producer and customer. A final addition brings this system opportunity for personalization of the bike.


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