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Interior Design projects are quite popular on our website. The fascinating thing about them is that they are so visual and describe clearly the design intent with just an image. You will discover some of the most creative interior design projects for Home Design, Hotel Design, Shopping Centre Design, Aerospace Interiors, Restaurant Interiors, Furniture Design, Boutique Interiors and Spa & Salon Design....Read More

The list of interior design projects is endless and no matter what branch of this industry you are interested in, you will find them all on Design Records. We have a database full of inspiring projects that comprise of many different interior design styles and feel.

While doing a more detailed search, it can be narrowed down by using the keyword functionality and find projects with specific style such as: modern interior design, contemporary, minimalist, rustic, traditional, vintage, tuscan etc… Likewise, if you as a user of Design Records would like to post interior design projects and be easily discovered by others that may want to get inspired or inquire about the design service you offer, we encourage you to assign the proper keywords to your projects that will describe their style and feel....See Less

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