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Specialized in corporate and commercial interior architecture, Kiva Design has been designing high-end projects since 1994. Kiva Design’s team work approach, both within the firm and with the client, is efficient and its fundamental motivation is client satisfaction through improving workplace economy, functionality and innovation. At Kiva Design, optimal space planning is the foundation for all projects that are subsequently enhanced with conceptually original designs that meet the client’s budget, schedule and objectives.

Spa St-James

Spa St-James 1
Spa St-James 2
Hair salon
Spa St-James 3
Relaxation area
Spa St-James 4
Massage room
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Interior Design
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Spa Design
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The biggest challenge was designing a contemporary, yet timeless, spa to harmonize with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s 100 year old impeccable architecture. In keeping with this iconic hotel's luxurious and opulent image, Kiva Design conceived a concept of rich colours and textured materials and finishes that radiate the warm and soothing ambience that is so essential to set the desired peaceful mood. Deep, chocolate brown is accented with earthier whites, greys and beiges to ground the space and create a calming and tranquil atmosphere.
The sumptuous entrance includes a sparkling, quartz topped reception desk set against a feature wall clad in horizontal, copper slats to draw the eye the length of the space. The water feature showcases the spa’s logo and provides a comforting acoustic and visual effect that sets the tone for the rest of the space. A tufted banquette hugs a central, existing column to provide seating to clients and polished, streamlined glass shelving display the spa’s exclusive product lines.
Kiva Design situated the hair and manicure/pedicure salon directly behind the reception so that its bustling din would not disrupt the serenity of the other spa areas. Its sleek and modern design gleams with mirrored and chrome finishes that deliberately juxtapose with the adjacent, glamorous spa interiors.
Kiva Design created an ethereal relaxation area for rest and revitalisation. The original brick wall, which spans its length, was sandblasted to soften and smooth its surface and cleanly painted white. Lounge beds are separated by diaphanous drapery for intimacy, while the gas fireplaces create a sophisticated, yet cozy, feeling. The sinuous ceiling detail adds visual interest as clients recline and relax.
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