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Specialized in corporate and commercial interior architecture, Kiva Design has been designing high-end projects since 1994. Kiva Design’s team work approach, both within the firm and with the client, is efficient and its fundamental motivation is client satisfaction through improving workplace economy, functionality and innovation. At Kiva Design, optimal space planning is the foundation for all projects that are subsequently enhanced with conceptually original designs that meet the client’s budget, schedule and objectives.

Meubles Foliot

Meubles Foliot 1
Meubles Foliot 2
open work area
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open work area
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sitting area
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Interior Design
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The goal for the renovations was two-fold: Foliot wanted to impress clients and inspire their employees. A company focused on staff well-being, Foliot wanted transform the existing workplace into an environment that would attract millennials and retain the existing Generation X and Baby Boomer staff, while increasing productivity and efficiency. Kiva Design’s new layout was based on areas to promote collaboration and mentoring, while addressing the differences in the communication styles and work habits of these 3 diverse generations.
Mobility was also a key element of the design solution and non-assigned workstations cater to mobile work-styles. Foliot’s operations were maintained throughout the extensive renovations through strategic planning with the client and the contractor.
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