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BWAmak ™ is a wooden hammock handmade in Quebec Canada. More confortable than a classic hammock, BWAmak ™ offers originality and creates the "wow effect" each time. It can ne used indoor or outdoor. BWAmak™ will delight young and old ! Our philosophy is to work in partnership with local businesses, and create an aesthetic product, comfortable, original and above all sustainable.

BWAmak ™

BWAmak ™ 1
BWAmak ™ confort and originality all arround the world.
BWAmak ™ 2
BWAmak ™ indoor. White cedar smells so good
BWAmak ™ 3
BWAmak ™ the functional piece of art.
BWAmak ™ 4
BWAmak ™, luxury outdoor products.
BWAmak ™ 5
BWAmak ™, Sunbrella ® fabric high quality.
BWAmak ™ 6
BWAmak ™, outdoor products.
BWAmak ™ 7
BWAmak ™, choose your color with Sunbrella ® fabric.
BWAmak ™ 8
BWAmak ™, proud partner of your pool.
BWAmak ™ 9
The BWAmak ™ history in cartoon.
Project Description:

Each BWAmak is signed, dated and number. It comes with an authenticity certificate. A peaceful functionnal piece of art that surprising people.

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