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Specialized in corporate and commercial interior architecture, Kiva Design has been designing high-end projects since 1994. Kiva Design’s team work approach, both within the firm and with the client, is efficient and its fundamental motivation is client satisfaction through improving workplace economy, functionality and innovation. At Kiva Design, optimal space planning is the foundation for all projects that are subsequently enhanced with conceptually original designs that meet the client’s budget, schedule and objectives.


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Interior Design
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Broadsign, a leading provider of digital signage software wanted to adopt an agile environment in their new offices to better meet the needs of their high-tech work environment. Discussions with the client established three project goals: collaboration, technology integration and the expression of the brand. Kiva Design’s solutions incorporated Broadsign’s advanced technology into the space and furniture to encourage collaboration and to enable seamless communication with other global offices. The open layout enables teamwork and includes several areas for spontaneous meetings and collaboration. For example, the design of "sprint rooms" to facilitate spontaneous gatherings, are equipped with "stand-up" work stations to enable focus on the task at hand. Also, benches along the walls of the conference room allow for improved flexibility, both in the number of users and the atmosphere of the meeting, either formal or casual. The offices are branded throughout with visual effects and finishes and palettes in neutral and bright colours. Read more

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